Why DLP 360?

Digital Learning Platform (DLP360) is a “Competency Based Learning & Testing System” to ensure and enhance the knowledge of learner.

The DLP 360 can help the young learners by opening the doors to further studies, employment, self-employment, apprenticeships and job training — the pathway learners need to gain skills and knowledge for a better and prosperous future.

DLP 360 has overhauled the testing system and built a practice testing program from the ground up, specifically for the young learners. DLP 360 utilized all of its resources and invested heavily in time & money to provide the learners with the practice on standards-based and technology-augmented testing system, in order to enhance their chances of passing the real exams with high grades. At DLP 360, we strongly promote optimum utilization of resources to facilitate its learners. The R & D department of DLP 360 continuously keep searching for more innovative ideas to make learning more effective and efficient.

  • A gateway to success.
  • A great way to accomplishment.
  • DLP 360 ~ Practice Entry tests at its best. Practice Entry Tests with DLP 360 and get peculiar fearlessness while going to real test.
  • DLP 360 is backed by highly qualified, experienced, trained and competent faculty members supervised by foreign qualified staff members.
  • DLP 360 is a learning organization and adaptive to innovation and change.
  • DLP 360 One of the leading testing organization having international presence.
  • DLP 360 acknowledges and recognizes learners’ competency and his/her achievements by awarding them local and international certificates.
  • DLP 360 has the honor to have the only lead IV in Pakistan for Edexcel-UK (a Pearson company) qualifications.
  • DLP 360 tests the pre-post training development and proposes solutions.
  • DLP 360 identifies the strengths and weaknesses in a specific area so that efforts should be put in the right direction and become high achiever.
  • DLP 360 evaluates and compares Pre-training and Post-training results to identify personal and professional learning curve and growth patterns.
  • DLP 360 facilitates individuals in opening more doors for admission, better job opportunities, and self-employment.
  • DLP 360 provides opportunities to learners for better learning at their own pace and in their own time.
  • DLP 360 offers Highly flexible learning and testing opportunities.
  • DLP 360 provides a opportunity to get trained from a trainer sitting thousands of miles away, using latest equipment and software.