Digitaleem Operations & Resources

Digitaleem has a well-established and fully functional IT Resource Infrastructure on its premises. This infrastructure is utilized for imparting education/training all across the globe. The infrastructure is based upon IT services including but not limited to Application Server, Database Server, File Server, and Asterisk Server. All these services are behind a secure firewall and are based on a cluster of servers. A dedicated high-speed internet connection with static IP is specifically acquired for these services. A dedicated power backup is also in place.

Virtual Class Rooms

Digitaleem has developed a customized Virtual Class Room application that is hosted on the application server and through which both the student and the trainer can connect and interact with each other. This Virtual Class Room has all the required tools like Voice/ Video interaction, Classroom Interaction (Group form), Whiteboard, and Screen Sharing, etc. Apart from these features, it also provides a session recording feature that is hosted on the file servers so that the learner can access this resource anytime and from anywhere.

LMS & Other Technologies

Digitaleem has developed a Learning Management System (LMS) based on Moodle. This LMS will provide learners to submit their assignments, appear in quizzes, and stay informed regarding their upcoming schedules. Every student will be provided access credentials for their account on LMS.
Digitaleem learning apps for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, enable the students to Learn-on-the-Go (LoTG). This idea will be helpful for the students to remain independent as well as connected to Digitaleem Online Learning Environment.
They can learn not only using their Computers but also their mobile devices which give them ease to learn from anywhere. All apps will require authentication from the Student Database Record at Digitaleem and will be granted permission to utilize the resources provided by Digitaleem for their unique learning experience.

Backward Compatibility

Besides the in-house development of tools and apps, Digitaleem has also provided the services using industry-renowned products like Skype, Teamviewer, Mikogo, Webex, etc. These services will also be in place.

Online Testing System

Digitaleem has developed an Online Testing System that will test the student’s proficiency and competency in his respective trade and certification will be awarded after achieving the desired score in the final exam. This exam system may be based on multiple interim tests, hands-on practice exams, and/or a final exam.

Online Training

Digitaleem offers on-campus and online training opportunities to learners living in far-flung areas and for those experienced professionals who are unable to attend classes because of their busy schedules. Learners, who cannot afford to pay the fees as regular on-campus learners, can also be benefited from this unique “Online Learning Program”. Online Learning Program provides extremely affordable education to aspiring learners all over the world. This unique program enables learners to finish their courses at their own pace and at their own convenient time. Digitaleem makes the best use of Information Technology (IT) development and provides international quality standard education through all the latest equipment, software, and audio/visual aid. Digitaleem interacts with its learners through a highly interactive website, web sessions, email, and snail-mail. The learners of Digitaleem would be provided with their own ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ enabling them to access the huge resource of information relevant to their courses. The learners would be required to finish their assignments, tasks, presentations, and projects; and submit them to Digitaleem by hand and/or through website, email, or snail mail. These assignments will be assessed by an academic committee comprising foreign qualified, Ph.D. qualified, experienced, and trained faculty members.

Home Study Assignments

In addition to classroom study, learners will receive home study assignments by email or by snail mail. Learners will also have assignments related to their specialized course(s).
Learners are highly recommended to complete these home study assignments in order to successfully complete their course(s) in time. Home study is written material in manuals, bulletins, and Internet locations that are easily read and understood without the instructor’s guidance. Home study assignments include reading and work projects, Internet research, making Sketches, scrapbooks, workbooks, and other writing & research assignments. Instructor assistance is just an email or phone call away. Virtual Learning Program at “Digitaleem” is online and via postal services, which is an essential part of the preparation for your course(s). Learners will spend less time away from home at less expense; thanks to 24 hrs online Virtual Learning Program (VLP) by Digitaleem. Home study assignments can generally be completed in the evening and during “off” hours at their own convenience. Depending on learners’ experience level and nature of course contents, “Digitaleem” Online classes assist such learners in achieving professional Programmes at their own pace and in their own time in order to ensure bright future.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of Instruction will be English and/or Urdu Language. Course works and assignments can be submitted in any of these two languages. Further assistance can also be provided through telephone, internet or email in any of these two above-mentioned languages.

Mode of Delivering Instruction

Digitaleem uses any of the following modes of delivering instruction:

  • Traditional Classroom Teaching
  • Open Learning
  • Distance Learning
  • e-Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Online Training
  • OR a combination of the above.

Course Duration:

The course duration indicates the contents covered in the syllabus and not the physical presence of learners. The prescribed Notional Hours at each level must be completed by a learner before appearing in the final assessment (total learning hours including the Guided Learning Hours and self/group study and/or research).

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria is different for Certificate and Diploma programs. Relevant qualifications coupled with work experience may add value to your application. Professionals and fresh Learners are also encouraged to apply.


Admission can be taken by submitting the admission form and paying the listed fee for each course. The Admission Committee will assess the application of each applicant and will allow taking the requested course(s) subject to fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Admission / Registration can be done in the following ways:

Download the admission form, MS Word or PDF format, from the website, and send the duly filled form to the Head Office of Digitaleem along with a bank draft/pay order or cross cheque in the name of “Digitaleem” alternatively.
You can also pay fees online or through a credit/debit card.
Submit Online Admission Form available at the website Digitaleem.
Visit your nearest branch of Digitaleem and our representative will assist you through the process.
Note: Registration should be done at least two weeks in advance of the date of commencement of the course.

Admission Procedure

1. Complete the Application form
2. Two Recent Photographs
3. Two sets of Educational Documents
4. Two Copies of CNIC – National ID Card
5. Work Experience Certificates (if any)
6. Bank Draft / Pay Order or cross cheque in favor of “Digitaleem ”. Write your name and course at the back of the Bank Draft / Pay order or cheque.