NICON Training Institute is a UAE based organization having its academic collaboration with Academia Learning Center (USA) to promote online and e-learning solutions. Our admission centers and Information offices are present in many countries world-wide.

Yes, we offer online learning solutions including but not limited to “One-to-One” and “One-to-Many” learner sessions through skype. We also offer training programs through Digital Learning Platform (DLP-360); a unique Virtual Learning Management Solution (VLMS) which provides online learning platform and e-learning solutions to the learners worldwide; where learners can study without any tension or burden in their own convenient time.
Salient features of Digital Learning Platform (DLP360) are as follows:

  • Learning-on-the-Go 24/7/365
  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own time.
  • No Pressure, No Tension, No Deadlines to meet.
  • Happy Learning
  • Flexible Learning Programs (FLP)
  • Online Tutor Assistance (on request)
  • Learning International Testing Services (LITS)

Yes, we have international presence in many countries like USA, UK, Finland, KSA etc.…and growing; and we offer on-campus training subject to approval from the relevant awarding body and subject to availability of resources in that particular center. Salient features of Digital Learning Platform (DLP360) are as follows:

  • Learning-on-the-Go 24/7/365
  • Anywhere, Anytime Learning
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own time.
  • No Pressure, No Tension, No Deadlines to meet.
  • Happy Learning
  • Flexible Learning Programs (FLP)
  • Online Tutor Assistance (on request)
  • Learning International Testing Services (LITS)

Course duration of short courses depends on individual’s competency

Updated course fee structure is available on our website.

We offer market-oriented, demand-driven and cost-effective online-learning-solutions. These short courses, certificates, diploma and advanced level diploma programs from world leading awarding bodies can also be verified and attested (if required, by paying additional fee – This fee varies from country to country). Most of the courses are employment-oriented courses and designed as per industry requirements. It also depends on your area of interest, please visit our website www.nicon.ae and find the link “Course Catalogue” and also see the link of “Top Popular Courses”. These Certificates / Diplomas assist in acknowledging your competency in any specific area.

NICON is offering short courses (certificate & diploma Programs) and academic qualifications of many international awarding bodies including but not limited to Pearson-Edexcel (UK) – World’s Leading Education & Awarding Body, OBPUK, TQUK.

Pearson Assured programs offer a unique learning opportunity to the learners to get acknowledgement of their knowledge, skill and competency in any specific area and get certificate, diploma or advanced diploma from the world’s leading education and awarding body i.e. Pearson-Edexcel (UK).

  • Pearson is World’s Leading Awarding organization.
  • Pearson is UK’s largest education and awarding body.
  • Pearson has over 100 years of training experience.
  • Pearson has presence in over 100 countries.
  • Pearson certificates are accepted by International employers e.g. BT, McDonalds.
  • Pearson has over 5,400 international education institutions world wide

On successful completion of courses, Pearson Assured Certificates will be awarded through NICON UAE. These certificates will be issued to learners after completing the course requirements successfully. These certificates may be verified and attested from Pearson-UAE, British Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pearson Assured certificates are highly recognized and accepted throughout the world particularly in the Middle-East for the purpose of job.

Individual Learners

If you are an individual and has a desire to enhance your professional knowledge and competency coupled with the benefits of an internationally recognized training program then NICON’s Pearson Assured Training Programs provide you your desired solution.

Organization’s offering In-house training

NICON offers a wide range of in-house training solutions under its Pearson Assured Training Programs. Our highly qualified instructional staff and strong QA mechanism provides you consistency, accuracy and ensuring that all participants receive consistent training provisions.

These certificates and diplomas are issued by the relevant awarding body and can be verified from the issuing organization (verification charges apply). Additionally, these certificates and diplomas can also be attested by the British Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (attestation charges and service charges apply).

Yes, you can get your certificate or diploma verified from the relevant awarding body. These can be further attested from the following:

  • The relevant awarding body (e.g. Pearson-Edexcel (UK), OBPUK, TQUK etc.)
  • British Council
  • Foreign Office
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Note: attestation/verification fee and service charges apply

It takes minimum 6 to 8 weeks till we get the original certificate or diploma from the awarding body and then it would be dispatched to the student’s address immediately. Please mention your correct home address, where you wish to receive the original certificate. You may have to pay shipment charges.
How much time would be required till I get the hardcopy or Original certificate?
It takes minimum 6 to 8 weeks till we get the original certificate or diploma from the awarding body and then it would be dispatched to the student’s address immediately.

Yes, these certificates and diplomas are highly acceptable by international employers e.g BT, Flybee, McDonalds.

No, these are non-accredited (non-academic) programs for acknowledging skillset or competency of individuals. You cannot use these certificates or diplomas for transfer of credit hours or to get exemptions in academic qualifications.

NICON is offering proper learning/training opportunities to the learners worldwide and NICON is not the issuing authority of any certificate or diploma. After successfully completing the course requirement and passing the assessments, your certificate or diploma will be issued by the relevant awarding body which can be further verified or attested.

No, you can start the course anytime. Learn at your own pace, in your own time. There is no Time or Space constraint. Unlimited learning opportunities to enhance your competency and to get recognition of your competency in a specific area by having a certificate or diploma from World’s leading education and awarding body.
Competency Based Certification to acknowledge your knowledge and skills.

No, there is no fee for re-appearing in the test. A candidate may attempt many times to pass the test (fair usage policy applies).
Recommendation: Should you fail the test or get low % then it is highly recommended to go back to learning module, review the syllabus, practice the tasks and assignments and then re-appear in the formal exam.

Online testing facility provides instant result; therefore, a candidate would be informed immediately about his/her result by LITS or email.

You can claim fee refund any time before the start of the process of applying the certificate or diploma from the awarding body. Once it has been processed then it takes a lot of time and requires so much administrative services that it is virtually impossible to undo all the process and revert back. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enroll in program(s) when you are 100% sure about the title of the course, course contents and learning outcomes.

You may fill the online feedback form and our quality assurance team would immediately contact you within 3 working days to address your concerns and to satisfy you.

You can pay the fee online through our website. Visa, debit or master cards are accepted.

This is an online learning institute. We have information centers in many countries and you may walk-in to any office address mentioned on our website. In order to have a standardized learning system and to keep the operating cost low, we have designed online learning system which offers great learning opportunities to learners worldwide thereby breaking the geographical boundaries.

Yes, you can take online classes. You would need to pay for online trainer on hourly basis – subject to availability of resources.

You don’t need to takes online classes, you can simply login to your virtual learning management system (VLMS) through our online learning portal, complete the course requirements including but not limited to tasks, assignments, presentations, projects, online-test etc. Subject to completing the course requirements, you can claim your certificate and diploma as per the policy of the institution and the subject awarding body.

No, if you possess knowledge and skill then you can simply appear in the Online-Testing through Learning International Testing Services (LITS) and after successfully passing the assessments and online test, you may claim your certificate or diploma.

International certifications from world renowned awarding bodies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco etc. are good indicators of individual’s competency in any specific field. Accordingly, OBPUK – TQUK and Pearson Assured certificates are highly recognized and accepted in more than 100 countries which really assist the potential employee to reach the interview table. Most of the CVs get trashed because they do not impress the HR department or employer and that’s why the applicants don’t even receive the call for job interview.

DLP360 provides a unique learning experience and offers an excellent opportunity for capacity building and personal development to further your professional career.

No, we offer 3 days FREE* trial classes. Should you wish to continue then most welcome, otherwise in case of discontinuity, NO questions will be asked. Once you are happy and satisfied, then you pay for the course. In some courses, candidates desire to take the option of VLMS and appear in online test straightaway to get international certificate, then they would have to pay in advance to register for online test.
*subject to availability of resources

No, you may join us and start the course (limited time offer) and give Online test. Once you pass the online test only then you have to pay according to the certificate or diploma you qualify for. Please note that there is no retest fee (fair usage policy applies). Candidate may appear in test as many times as s/he likes.

Yes, you may pay in installments. Please contact our support office and they will guide you about it. For many international awarding bodies, the registration process doesn’t start until and unless they receive their registration and examination fee. Hence, installments are possible but they may cause delays in your completing the course and/or getting certificate/diploma from the relevant awarding body.

Yes, NICON offers need/merit-based scholarships. Please contact our helpline and we will assist you on case to case basis.