Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  1. To ensure that assessment methodology is valid, reliable, and does not disadvantage any group or individual learners.
  2. Ensure that teaching/delivery/assessment staff are timetabled to support blended learning when learners are working remotely.
  3. Maintain and store securely all assessment and internal verification records in accordance with Pearson Centre Agreement.
  4. Submit all learning tasks
  5. Check email and WhatsApp group every day
  6. Communicate with staff regularly via email and Whatsapp.
  7. Keep my online chat focused on learning. Ensure the chat is respectful of all participants.
  8. Complete all learning tasks on a timely basis.
  9. Log into additional assistance Video Conference sessions if you need help.
  10. If you have technical issues kindly covey the staff and tell him what you have missed.
  11. Ensure that learners submit work measures are taken to ensure the work is authentic and has been completed by the learner.
  12. Ensure the assignments are undertaken and deadlines are clear.
  13. Ensure there is a process to feedback on assignments, questions are constructively answered, and feedback is provided in a timely manner.