Diploma Program in Oil & Gas Services Management

To meet the educational and career-advancement needs of oil and gas professionals worldwide, NICON offers comprehensive, customized training programs that fit the needs of oil and gas management. This course will help students to understand management and services of oil and gas field.

Who Should Attend?

Any learner who wants to develop skills in shaping his/her abilities in Managing oil and gas services.

Course benefits:

The course examines the term management of oil and gas and the role of a facilities manager. Learners will develop an understanding of how facilities management fits within the structure of an organization and the different ways in which facilities management services for oil and gas can be administered.


  • Understanding Facilities Management for Oil & Gas Organizations
  • Managing and Developing Relationships in the Workplace
  • Delivering Service in the Oil & gas Workplace
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing the Efficient Use of Materials
  • Managing the Effective Use of Equipment
  • Introduction to Managing and Maintaining Property and Assets
  • Introduction to the Effective Management of Space Within Own Organization
  • Understanding Support Services Operations
  • Managing Utility Services and Energy Efficiency in the Workplace
  • Understanding Procurement and Supplier Management in the Workplace
  • Managing Contracts and Contractors in the Oil & Gas Sector
  • Outsourcing Strategies in Facilities Management
  • Managing Health and Safety at Oil & Gas