Certificate Program in Airline Ticketing & Reservation Systems

Airline & Tourism is considered to be the biggest and most flourishing Industry in the world generating maximum revenue. Since it is the biggest industry, it also offers more job opportunities and wider scope and prospects. We invite you to be a part of the international team of dynamic Travel Agents and Tour operators.

Course Benefits:

  • Extensive Course
  • A Key to Success
  • For both Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Jobs throughout the world
  • Interaction with International communities
  • Excellent communication skills

Who Should Attend?

Anyone seeking a career in the Air Line Ticketing Industry at National and International Level should attend this course. After successful completion of course you will: Learn a range of telemarketing, Air Ticketing, customer services and management skills.

Course Contents

  • WORLDSPAN computer reservation system training
  • IATA domestic and international airport codes
  • IATA its aim functions and departments
  • Airlines & IATA codes, Airline terminology
  • Definitions, Abbreviations
  • Reading airline tickets, Traffic conference area
  • Routing and types of routing
  • Salesmanship and sales techniques
  • Hotel information, including booking on WORLDSPAN
  • Car rental information, including booking on WORLDSPAN
  • International sounds identifications, Basic steps to open a travel agency
  • Travel agent its types and benefits, How to book ticket
  • NTN number, Travel agent internship