Diploma Program in Electronic Equipment Repair & Servicing Skills

With countless new electronic products or equipment reaching the market, there is a large demand for electronic repair technicians and engineers. As a result, you may be interested in moving into the electronics repair field. The electronic servicing field is considered a prestigious job. If you are really good in your work, there is almost no competition and you can acquire skills that allow you to earn enough money. Servicing is an ideal combination of your intelligence, efficiency and easy mechanical work. By gaining more experiences the efficiency and skills automatically becomes instinctive.

Who Should Attend?

Students who want to pursue their careers in electronic equipment and repairing services can join this course

Course benefits:

This course covers the skills and knowledge needed to prove the competences required to hand over equipment that has been repaired, or on which some form of maintenance activity has taken place, and to confirm that the equipment is now ready to return to service. Following the maintenance activity, the learner will be required to either set up the equipment and hand it over to another person to complete the required start-up procedures, or complete the run-up operation themselves, ensuring that the equipment is ready for operation before handover. This will involve checking that all the required equipment and safety devices are operable and correctly set and/or calibrated, and that the equipment functions safely and correctly to the required specification.


  • Handing Over and Confirming Completion of Maintenance Activities
  • Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organizational Safety Requirements
  • Using and Interpreting Engineering Data and Documentation
  • Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering
  • Assembling, Wiring and Testing Electrical Panels/Components Mounted in Enclosures
  • Assembling and Testing Electronic Circuits
  • Maintaining Electrical Equipment/Systems
  • Maintaining Electronic Equipment/Systems
  • Maintaining and Testing Process Instrumentation and Control Devices
  • Wiring and Testing Programmable Controller Based Systems
  • Using Wood for Pattern, Modelmaking and Other Engineering Applications