Certificate Program in Spoken English

This English Certificate programme(CEL) is designed for students and employees who are keen to improve their knowledge of English Language vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and other communication skills, so that they may be able to communicate effectively in English with confidence. Students successfully completing this course will always find themselves well-equipped in terms of effective communication skills.

Who Should Attend?

Students, Teachers, Professionals, bankers, salespersons, managers or anyone interested in the development of his/her language skills.

Course Benefits:

If you are here to know the best benefits of improving Spoken English this is the right course for you. English is not just another language that you use on a daily basis, it is the global language that can open the door of opportunities for anyone. Learning this language can help you talk to a lot of people with the utmost confidence.

Course Contents

  • Rich Vocabulary, Basic Literature
  • Received Pronunciation
  • Basic Grammar
  • Communication Skills, Role Plays, Discussions, Debates
  • Writing Applications, Listening Skills, Presentations, Reading
  • Grammar Learning with Practical Activities
  • Phonetics & phonology
  • Mature Writing including writing Articles
  • Learning about literature & prose etc.
  • Proficient communication skills both at academic and professional level
  • Speaking through role plays
  • CV, Resume writing, Cover & reference letter writing
  • Jig-Saw activities
  • Learning the proficient special speech skills for opening ceremonies and seminars
  • Becoming a competent Speaker of English Language