Diploma Program in Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori Teacher Education Program provides students with the knowledge, skills and state requirements to teach in a Montessori early childhood setting.

Who Should Attend?

Any learner who wants to develop skills in shaping his/her abilities in Montessori Education can join this course

Course benefits:

The purpose of the AMI International Montessori Teacher Training 3-6 Diploma Course is to study the Montessori pedagogy and practices for the child between the ages of 3 and 6 years.


  • Montessori Child Psychology and Child Development
  • Montessori Educational Theory and Practice to include the role of the
  • Montessori teacher and the preparation of the Montessori environment
  • Observation and Teaching practice in approved Montessori environments
  • Montessori Management
  • Montessori Environment