Corporate Solutions

Corporate Testing Solutions (CTS)

DLP 360 primarily offers two types of corporate testing solutions:

  • Standard Testing Solutions (STS)
  • Customized Testing Solutions (CTS)

a) Standard Testing Solutions (STS)

DLP 360 has designed Standard Testing Solutions (STS) to satisfy the needs and requirements of general public. Candidates would be able to appear in the test having standardized testing options. These STS are also beneficial for individuals and/or groups, schools, colleges, universities and other corporate organizations.

b) Customized Testing Solutions (CTS)

DLP 360 possesses enormous capabilities to design a customized/tailor made test to address the unique needs and requirements of any corporate organization or group, more effectively and efficiently. Customized Tests can be designed for any corporate organization for various purposes including but not limited to – providing a robust and merit based HR solution (selection, hiring, appointment, promotion etc.). Customized or tailor made tests can also be designed for educational institutions, e.g. schools, colleges, universities etc.

In addition to the quality of question and types of question, there are four parameters to customize the Difficulty Levels (DLs) for each specific test. These following four parameters facilitate in designing a ‘Customized Testing Solution’, thereby satisfying the unique needs and requirements of organizations.

  • Proficiency Level Testing (PLT)
  • Complexity Level Testing (CLT)
  • Time Constraints (TC)
  • Marking Scheme (MS)